Author: Imam Ahmad bin hanbal

Musnad of Imam Ahmad bin hanbal Invite to God DawahMusnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal is a collection of Hadith collected by the famous scholar Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Imaam Ahmad's Musnad ahmad was the greatest book of Hadith in the lifetime of the author and after it and it is an abundant spring of the AHadith of the Messenger of Allah and the Ijtihad [Juristic reasoning based upon the fundamentals of Islamic jurisprudence] and sayings of the Companions and some of the Tabaeen [Those who met and learnt from one or more of the companions, but did not meet the prophet].

In Musnad ahmad there are numerous chains of narrators and Hadith texts which are equivalent to those in Sahih Muslim and indeed, to those found in Al-Bukhari's Sahih, but they were not narrated by either of them; in fact, none of the compilers of the four books (Abu Dawood, At­ Tirmidhi An-Nasai, and bin Majah) reported them, as Al-Hafiz bin Katheer said. [Ikhtisar Uloom Al-Hadith]