Author: Shabbir Ally

Is Jesus God? The bible says no is definitely one of the greatest books written about the controversial discussion of Jesus' divinity. Unlike other books which seek to persuade, from Islamic perspective or Qur'anic interpretations, the bible believers of Jesus' real identity and message, this book introduces convincing explanations from both the bible and Christine perspective. Nonetheless, the author provides, in some chapters, some Qur'anic verses to emphasize the similarities between what Qur'an and true, not altered Bible say about Jesus, and to show that Muslims also believe in and honor him.

I really liked how the author develops his arguments gradually, e.g. he begins with something like "Jesus is not All-Powerful and All-Knowing". Then he continues elaborately until he reaches the point in which God and Jesus are separate entities. After that, he hits the most strongly believed doctrine which teaches that Jesus is the Son of God. And finally, with the Orthodox Christian belief that considers Jesus as both human and divine. Furthermore, the author illustrates some of the reasons that led to such confusion among Christians, for instant, the inconsistency of translation from the ancient Greek manuscripts and how some Bible writers deliberately or mistakenly mistranslated some passages and words, especially in John's Gospel.

In addition to that, the author elucidates a number of commonly misunderstood verses of the Bible that mean Jesus is God. And as I said, his analytical clarifications depend on what Gospels and true Jesus' disciples said, besides, of course, logic!


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