Hiding information during Dawah

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While doing Dawah, is it permissible to hide some vital information or to tell lies? For example, is it ok to hide the fact that if a non-Muslim man enters into Islam, then he cannot live with his non-Muslim wife?

Hiding information during DawahAs far as lying is concerned, whatever may be the reason, it is absolutely prohibited. Regarding this issue where a man has just embraced Islam and he needs to be informed about his relationship with his non-Muslim wife, then, we must first understand that we should not try to present the complete in message in one sitting/gathering. He should be first allowed to embrace Islam and we should try to make him firm on it. And once eemaan (faith) is filled in his heart then we should start informing about things like this. Otherwise, he may think that Islam is full of prohibitions and conditions and he may leave Islam out of fear.

During the Prophet’s time, the people of Saqeef tribe came to embrace Islam at the hands of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him), but with the condition that they will pray only two times a day; the Prophet (peace be on him) accepted it and allowed it for them. The Companions of the Prophet were surprised and asked the Prophet (peace be on him) about his reply. Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) explained that the people have just entered Islam and hence they feel praying five times as a burden; If we let the Eemaan (faith) get firm in their hearts, they will pray five times a day by themselves.

Therefore we must convey the message step-by-step with wisdom and not all at once. In India, we find Muslims first asking the new Muslim to perform circumcision, which is not correct. We should allow the new Muslims to settle down. Once they are comfortable, we inform about the ruling regarding the circumcision and they themselves will come forward willing to do the same.

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