The Existence of God & The Purpose of Life - Abdur Raheem Green



This lecture is by the British convert to Islam; Abdur-Raheem Green. It focuses on these essential questions and their answers from an Islamic perspective. If you want to find out about the existence of God and the purpose of your life, this video is to recommend. Key Points of This Video Recitation of The Holy Quran [start time 00:00] Introduction [start time 07:18] What is a God? [start time 09:55] What is a religion? [start time 17:29] Deen: A way of life The Broader Meaning of the Deen Consumer Society [start time 35:16] Coca Cola Sex, Drugs, & Roc-&-Roll What is the Purpose of Life? [start time 45:50] Believing in the existence of the God [start time 60:00] Evolution Theory The Innate Nature [start time 1:23:40] What does Islam say about the evolution theory? [start time 1:31:07] If God loves everyone equally, why do only believers go to paradise? [start time 1:38:06] Can you explain the testimony of faith? [start time 1:42:37]

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