When they insult our Prophet (peace be on him) - Nouman Ali Khan



When they insult our Prophet (peace be on him) - Nouman Ali Khan. What is the Quran's perspective on reacting to insults against our Prophet (peace be on him)?


If there were dirty cartoons and movies published on Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Theresa, do you think it would have evoked the same type of reaction (or lack of it) that we now see from many not yet Muslims? Do you know that many not yet Muslims think although the movie was in bad taste, it still portrayed some truth about the Prophet (peace be on him)?
In a survey that was conducted in UK among the Non-Muslim population, 36% did not know who the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was and 61% did not respond positively when asked about the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).To read the survey, visithttp://dawah.invitetogod.com/ebooks-iera-survey-nonmuslim-perception-of-islam-and-muslims-iera
What do we expect?  My dear brothers and sisters, we have only ourselves to blame.


It is better late than never. We can still use every possible opportunity and technology to educate the masses about the greatest benefactor to humanity, whom our Creator describes as "Mercy to all the worlds".
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