Learn how to do Dawah - Dawah Lecture Videos (Da wah lecture videos, Da'wah lecture Videos).

Dawah Videos - Dawah (Da wah) is an important responsibility for all Muslims. Today most of the Non-Muslims do not know what is Islam? There are many misconceptions about Islam and on matters like Jihad, Hijab, Terrorism etc. Although conversions to Islam are on on the rise, we still have lot to do for Invitation to Islam.

We have compiled lot of useful Dawah videos on various topics like Hinduism, Christianity, Dawah, Islam, Atheism, Questions asked etc by several popular daees who have trained on various topics like Islam, Christianity, Islam and Christianity, Jesus (peace be on him), Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him), questions asked by non-Muslims etc. These Dawah videos can be used to gain knowledge about the faith of the Non-Muslims like different sects of Christianity, Judaism and even Atheism.


Part 6 - GORAP - Advanced Dawah to Christian and Atheists

Part 5 - GORAP - Getting the Shahadah + After Shahadah

Part 4 - GORAP - Revelation + Prophethood

Part 3 - GORAP - God's Existence and Oneness

Part 2 - GORAP - Common Sense Agreement

Part 1 - GORAP Technique + Initiation

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