Contemporary Issues

Author: Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Contemporary Issues is a lecture series that is designed specifically for dawah to non Muslims as well as Muslims. The issues presented in this series are those that are most often mentioned and the most controversial.

An analysis of the people who are being invited, the ones who are being given the dawah; also includes an introduction to polygamy in Islam, showing the perspective Muslims should have on this so-called “taboo” issue.

* Comments on spouse selection, religious intermarriage, and a defense on claims of marital oppression by the Prophet (s), marital rape, the husband?s role in marriage, domestic violence, and corporal punishment.

* Divorce, alimony, abortion, methods of contraception, population control, and the veil in Islam.

* Women?s inheritance, separation in education, and capital punishment.

* Women emanating men and men emanating women; why apostasy equals execution; dietary law issues; the prohibition of music.

* Imagery and photography; the Islamic position on evolutionary theory; the Big Bang Theory, and cloning.

* Cosmetic surgery, organ donation, medical study, euthanasia, and aliens.

* Economic issues, terrorism etc

Not only will this series help one become more educated in a versatile number of topics, but will enable one to discuss with more confidence, the Islamic perspectives as these questions are raised.