Women In Islam And Refutation Of Some Common Misconceptions

Author: Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha

This book deals with the following questions and issues: State of women through the ages:
Women in the Pre-Islamic Arab Society
Indian Society
Chinese Society
Greek Society
Roman Society
Traditional Jewish Society
Traditional Christian Society
Modern Secular Society.

Matters in which Men and Women are Equal in Islam: In basic humanity
In Application of Obligations
In rewards and punishments in this worldly life and the hereafter
In ownership and the freedom of financial transaction
In preserving the honor and nobility
In mandatory education
In bearing responsibility towards reforming the society. Women’s status and rights in various stages of life in the Muslim society: as a baby, child and young girl

as a sister
as a wife
as a mother
as kinsfolk and neighbor, and as a woman in general. Misconceptions about Women’s rights and obligations in Islam and their refutation: On polygamy
On leadership and responsibility
On the Marriage Contract and Guardianship
On wife beating; On honor killing
On divorce
On testimony
On inheritance; On blood money
On employment
On Hijab (covering head and face).